Below, you can find a selection of some of my projects and publications. A few more can be found in my GitHub profile.

Contrastor for Windows

Contrastor for Windows

Checking color contrast ratios is an integral part of making sure your designs are accessible. Constrator is simple contrast ratio checker that lives in your Windows system tray, aiming to make the process as simple as possible.
id-simple-syntax-highlighter — A simple syntax highlighter for InDesign

id-simple-syntax-highlighter — A simple syntax highlighter for InDesign

Code snippets on displays are usually shown using syntax highlighting to make reading and understanding them easier. Thus, it would make sense to apply the same treatment to code snippets in books and other print documents. Unfortunately, Adobe InDesign doesn’t come with such a feature.

This script aims to provide a primitive means of applying syntax highlighting to code snippets in InDesign documents. It is basically a port of Lars Jung’s lolight for InDesign. / /

A project with the mission of helping people exercise their right to privacy. Through our website, we offer a generator for GDPR requests as well as access to our company and supervisory authority database and comprehensive articles on the GDPR and privacy in general.

To manage the project, we have founded e. V., a registered non-profit in Germany. I am currently a chairman for that association.

yace—yet another comment engine

yace—yet another comment engine

yace aims to provide a comment engine that can be easily deployed to AWS using Terraform.

It is simple both in terms of the code that powers it and the APIs it provides. It can easily be integrated into existing websites and is ideal for static websites, making almost no assumptions about the structure of the website. The frontend can be entirely customized as it only provides a simple API for submitting and retrieving comments. In addition, yace sets the focus on privacy, collecting no unnecessary data about the user. (German)

Out of my own need, I created this simple static website that acts as a reference for Standardkontenrahmen (accounting templates for German business and non-profits), offering an Algolia-powered search engine for SKR 03, SKR 04 and SKR 49. As accounting templates tend to be very comprehensive, it can be difficult to find the correct account. This project aims to make that process easier.

The data is taken from the GnuCash project. This XML data is then converted to JSON for Algolia.

My personal docs archive for various topics. These are mostly kept for myself but as I think that some of the entries could also be useful for others, I have decided to publish them.

The docs themselves are written in Markdown and then compiled into a static website using Hugo.


A simple PHP wrapper for the Internetmarke web service by Deutsche Post. It allows ordering stamps from the German postal service directly from PHP applications.


Another exploration of an ‘offline’ business model. hexteQ. was a brand for low-cost items. They were imported from overseas and sold through Amazon and eBay.
Bookshelf: Open Source eBook Management Software

Bookshelf: Open Source eBook Management Software

Bookshelf is an eBook management software that users can use to easily manage and access eBooks across multiple devices.
The project’s main part is bookshelf-server, a web application written in PHP. bookshelf-server offers both a backend which stores the book metadata and a frontend which the user can access through their browser. In addition, it has an external API to allow the use of independent clients.

An analysis of DTC DNA testing for personalized exercise and diet plans (German)

This paper explores direct-to-consumer DNA testing services with a focus on how that data can be used for custom training and diet plans. It explains in which ways the human genome can provide useful insight for such questions and how such companies are able to provide genotyping services cheaply.

SomePublisher / Damnick Verlag

My forary into the world of print publishing. These are two publishing labels. Through them, I published several books authored by my mother (through SomePublisher) as well as a number of reprints of classical German literature (through Damnick Verlag). All Damnick ebooks are available for free on the website.

While I haven’t published any new books in a while, this has always been a passion project for me and I would love to revisit it in the future.

Professor PC (German)

This was one of my first projects: A tech blog with an accompanying YouTube channel. Over the course of seven years, I published various posts and videos.

With time, my focus shifted to different projects and I stopped updating Professor PC. So in late 2017, I decided to end the project. The website is now in an archived status with most posts still being online but not indexed by search engines anymore. While the original website was built first on Joomla and later WordPress, for the archive I moved to a nice efficient static site built with Hugo.